Welcome to Camp Placid

Camp Placid is a Christian Camping ministry in Blountville, Tennessee. It is valued and cherished by many who appreciate its beauty and serenity. Camp Placid’s greatest value, however, is its ability to be a place where children can slow their lives down enough to appreciate God’s beauty and serenity and have some fun too. In this, they learn the ways of His Son and about life in His promises. Individuals on staff and who volunteer their time in the ministry have a unique love for the God they serve and the children they serve in His ministry.

Camp Placid’s Camping Ministry gives campers the chance to meet other Christians, and seek out God in ways that they may never have another chance to do so. There are many opportunities at Camp that campers will have to see and hear how God works in other people’s lives and how God wants to be a part of their lives as well. For teachers and volunteers, it is a great time to encourage others to seek Christ and also provide sound biblical advice to those who need it.

There are many fun and exciting activities that campers can do at Camp Placid in addition to the several amenities that the camp offers. For the available amenities, please see our facilities page. The camp directors have many Christian focused activities and games for the campers to participate in.

Camp Placid is supported by Church of the Brethren congregations in it’s district of churches; some in Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina. The camp is only used by our denomination only about a month per year for it’s camps, therefore its facilities are made available to many congregations that utilize it for their own church camps. There is a scout troop that calls Camp Placid home. Many school groups use the camp for retreat and learning centers and many families enjoy the camp for their reunions and birthday parties. The camp has also been host to cross country meets, Heritage Days (craft and good sale), concerts, much more. If interested in renting or more information about Camp Placid, please email us at info@campplacid.org

“Best Kept Secret in Tennessee”

224 Camp Placid Road - Blountville - Tennessee - 37617 - (423)323-8844 - info@campplacid.org