Rules and Regulations

General Rules

These rules are outlined for your group. While on the property of Camp Placid, we trust you will respect the rules. By signing the Camp Agreement you will be affirming your understanding and cooperation of these rules.


Camp Placid is a Christian campground owned and operated by the Southeastern District of the Church of the Brethren, therefore all activities that take place should reflect Christian values.


Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be allowed on camp property at any time


No pets are allowed on camp property, but if a pet is required for health reasons, exceptions can be made.


Camp Fires are allowed only in designated areas.


No guns, bow/arrow and fireworks are allowed on camp property.


No smoking is allowed in any camp buildings. If you would like to smoke, please be considerate of others and do in an appropriate location and dispose of your cigarette butts/cigars properly.


There are two phones on Camp Property that can be used in case of emergency. Although, most campers have cell phones and should use them in case of an emergency, an emergency should be identified to the camp director immediately so proper action can be taken.


No swimming in the lake or pond. Also there are no lifeguards on duty, so please use caution while swimming in the pool and do so at your own risk

Liability Statement

While Camp Placid, is within the Southeastern District Church of the Brethren, it is seperately and independently incorporated as legal entities within their State of Incorporation and as such is solely responsible for their activities occuring with their areas of jurisdiction.

The Southeastern District Church of the Brethren, and several Churches of the Brethren constituting its membership, which is a seperate entity in the State of Tennessee, does not state of imply its acceptance of any financial liability on the part of the Southeastern District Church of the Brethren, for activities conducted by Camp Placid.

For more information regarding camp rules and regulations or if an exception to these rules is necessary, please contact us at

224 Camp Placid Road - Blountville - Tennessee - 37617 - (423)323-8844 -