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Welcome to the Vendor Information page for the 2016 Camp Placid Fall Festival. We look forward to having you as a vendor for this extraordinary event and look forward to all of your wonderful creations and crafts. Below is the 2016 Vendor Application for your reference. Please return the below vendor application (signed by the contact person) and photo of your product to Camp Placid Fall Festival, Attn: Vendor Committee, 224 Camp Placid Road, Blountville, TN 37617 or via email: If you have any questions about being a vendor or just need to talk to someone about a vendor issue, please call 423-323-8844 for more information. The vendor application deadline has been set for Saturday October 8th, so get your applications in now!

FF Vendor_Application 2016

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FF Vendor_Application 2016

Vendors will have an abundance of space for the 2016 Fall Festival. We plan to have food, crafts, jewelry, garden and many more vendors present. This is a great opportunity to either promote your business to our local community, earn some great funds, and also benefit a great cause. Tables, tents, and other equipment will not be provided and vendors will be required to bring their own. Setup the night before is available and accepted upon approval (At your own risk). We have several areas of the Camp that we plan to utilize for the vendor spaces, some with covered areas, but get your application in fast, because space will fill up fast! If you still have questions or concerns or would just like some additional information about the Fall Festival, please email us at


Anyone interested in being a demonstrator during the Fall Festival such as pottery, blacksmiths, basket weaving, music, singing etc. can also apply for space at the Fall Festival with the below Demonstrator Form.


FF Demonstrator Application 2016

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